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Bug reports - Alexey - 03-19-2016 06:48 PM

Post your bugs and any glitches here.

Current change list:

Update v1.01:

- Some common crashes fixed
- Unable to initialize game because of remote controlled mouse
- Unable to use spare clothes on “Check and Mate” level
- Camera out of screen on the first level
- Character offset during takedown animations
- Elevator doors disappearing
- Some (not all) Russian localization errors
- Stuck on ladder on the first level
- In “You Only Live Twice” mission, the "sleeping" soldier facing the locked door to the doctor's office can still see you.
- Bodies killed by accidents now don’t counted as “Found bodies”
- Zones a bit balanced on some levels
- Photo camera appearing near ladder after cutscene played on “Angels of Texas” mission
- Some other small fixes

Future update v1.02:

- Added: Game level statistics showing level rating & other info
- Fixed: Phantom Achievement not called in some situations
- Fixed: Chameleon Achievement not called because of missing disguise
- Fixed: Steam Achievements not always synhronized when playing offline
- Fixed: Machine gun flying when cook pouring drink in "Dogs of War" level
- Fixed: Russian localization errors
- Added: Quick saves
- Added: Xbox Controller Y axis invertion
- Added: Autosave on objective completion
- Added: New remote distracting device (Decoy)
- Fixed: All Levels balanced for Extreme difficulty (to get Ghost Rating).
- Fixed: Stucking during exit from one of the ships in "Points on the Radar" level
- Fixed: French localization errors

In work:

- Balance Hard level difficulty (less forgiven, more suspicious AI)

RE: Bug reports - Alexey - 03-19-2016 06:50 PM


RE: Bug reports
Ok, finished the game and here are my thoughts:

I haven't enjoyed and suffered a game like this in a while, there are some really good things and some really bad too but in my opinion easy to fix.
This are the things the game need immediately:

*Carrying a body shouldt make that much noise, is like the moment you start walking with a body your noise level is like you are shooting a gun and will alert everyone instantly, fix this it is a break game bug, make it so at least you need to be 1 feet close to another npc to hear you or even better no sound at all, after all you are walking!

*Entering a forbidden zone -should in the hardest difficulties-trigger an almost instant alert state (let's say 3 seconds at max), entering and roaming around for almost 15 seconds, grabbing what you need and then leaving is another game breaking bug.

*Using the special function (using tab) should highlight the objects you can grab in a room, there is almost no point in using this ability if you are playing on the hardest difficulties.

*If the npcs sees another dead npc dont let them go back to the "idle state" after a minute, let them at least "them and the ones around them" enter an constant alert mode from that moment, if not there is no real penalty for leaving dead bodies in the place, aside from your score at the end of the mission.

*unconscious npcs are the same as dead ones, even the dialogues dont change ("oh, he is dead"), fix this! If another npc founds an onconscius npc they should wake them up and if they dont have clothes on run away from the map (like in commandos xD)

*Before starting the mission say to the player maybe using the points he makes, some tips, buying weapons is not an option for those who are playing on stealth mode and want to achieve the ghost rank. For instance, spend 400 points to unlock and tell the player that in that particular mission you need a knife to cut some wires from the floor! Or just some random tips in the map.

*Open a door in some way to not make noise, maybe in this way takes more time to open but doesn't just bash the door open and alters everyone in the place.

*If you are seeing lock picking a door, warn the player, the second time instant alarm trigger.

*Add a key (f5 and f9) to quick save and quick re-load.

*Fix the bright of the game, is really low when you start and turning the gamma up(now you need to turn it down) should make the game better not worse, is confusing.

*Use another key and not E to use the cover, it's really annoying when you are trying to find an item or some usable thing in the map and you see the prompt but it is just the cover mode, cover mode and grabbing item shouldnt use the same key.

*Let the player see the stats of the mission he/she completed so far, what's the point on beating a mission with ghost rank and a really fast time if you cant see it? You can't improve your time for example if you cant see it after you beat it, add it to the main menu or somewhere. (yes yes steam achievements are fun and all but I care more about what I can see that something to show off on steam)

*Fix all those annoying bugs, like the instant crashes, etc etc

Right now I can say that the game is between a 6 and 8 fixing those problems should probably put the game in a 8.5 score easily.

RE: Bug reports - Alexey - 03-19-2016 06:51 PM


RE: Bug reports
Mission 2 : Magnat Hotel

Managed to get stuck here when trying to close the door from the inside (I first thought you could enter then close the door from inside) :


By the way, if you load the game without any sound output, it crash directly. For example, in my second computer, the sound is only activated when I connect my headphones and I noticed the game would crash until I connected my headphones (I saw an emulator who had the same problem a while ago).

Not really a bug as the store page ask for a sound card but well, just wanted to report it in case it's useful.

About the level editor, it would be nice to see levels from Death to Spies and Death to Spies Moment of Truth remade for Alekhine's Gun (Of course, it might not be possible to remade them 100% the same, but it should be possible to do some adjustements, which is why I used the word "remade" and not "ported").

RE: Bug reports - Alexey - 03-19-2016 06:54 PM


About the french texts, if you don't mind, I will need a text version of the french game scripts (and also the english ones to be able to compare/retranslate the bad sentences) once I'll have finished my playthrough.

Because I looked a bit the hotel messages files with an hexadecimal editor and found this :

NOT1.............La situation est d'urgence ; dans la chambre d'. c.t. il ya des gens superflus , probablement Am.ricains attendre encore Minnelli . .

I haven't saw this line during my playthrough, and again, this line doesn't look like proper french.

So they'll probably be some other lines I won't see playing the game and which would need some corrections.

(If you plan to do a DLC or such one day, just wanted to say I would be okay to translate it for free rather than seeing those bad translations again. Seems pretty useless to pay some people to do such a bad work :/)

RE: Bug reports - Alien - 03-19-2016 08:06 PM

"Use another key and not E to use the cover, it's really annoying when you are trying to find an item or some usable thing in the map and you see the prompt but it is just the cover mode, cover mode and grabbing item shouldnt use the same key." - this could be easily fixed by switching "E" and "Space" for Taking Cover.

As for the rest of Gaston's post - agree with pretty much all points there. AI does feel somewhat forgiving, it needs to be tougher a bit.

Also, the screenshot in Hiei's 1st post is broken.

RE: Bug reports - Hiei- - 03-19-2016 08:24 PM

So no Steam Cloud? As it wasn't added to the list.

RE: Bug reports - Alexey - 03-19-2016 09:04 PM

(03-19-2016 08:24 PM)Hiei- Wrote:  So no Steam Cloud? As it wasn't added to the list.

Didn't have time yet to study the subject. But i will check it for sure. And full controller support also.

RE: Bug reports - Hiei- - 03-19-2016 09:54 PM

(03-19-2016 09:04 PM)Alexey Wrote:  
(03-19-2016 08:24 PM)Hiei- Wrote:  So no Steam Cloud? As it wasn't added to the list.

Didn't have time yet to study the subject. But i will check it for sure. And full controller support also.

Okay. It's not really vital features anyway. I guess you should also look for Steam Workshop at the same time, for when you'll release the level editor.

RE: Bug reports - Hiei- - 03-20-2016 06:01 AM

My steam client just downloaded the first patch.

RE: Bug reports - Hiei- - 03-20-2016 07:33 AM

Can you drop a fire arm? I had the scientist disguise (Snake Born) but with a firearm on my back and it seems it's what happened to blow my cover? (even if it wasn't related to the blow of the cover, having a fiream on your back when you have a scientist disguise kill a bit the immersion ^^; )

I tried to use the "drop item" function but it seem you aren't able to drop a weapon once take (which is also a problem for the sniper, you can't just use it then throw it somewhere, you have to keep it on your back, which might render useless most disguises if the ennemis can spot it?

Edit : I retried and it seems ennemies don't care but it's a bit weird anyway...