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Pre-Placed Weapons and Items.
11-25-2021, 03:01 AM
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RE: Pre-Placed Weapons and Items.
Ghosts of the Past:

Hammer: Top-right corner of courtyard.

K98: Resting on a pillar behind the desk to the right of the door to Fichtner's bedroom (it was a silenced Mosin Nagant in the DtS3 Demo).

Poison: One in the infirmary, and another in Fichtner's safe.

Syringe: In the infirmary.

Check and Mate:

Colt M1911: On one of the desks in the firing range storage room.

Hammer: One in the supply closet to the right just before the hallway to the generator room, and another in the renovated room on the second floor (in the beta, we would have instead found them inside the subway station).

Chloroform: One inside a box in one of the cubicles in the crime unit, and another inside the safe in Lieutenant Johnson's office (they were added in Patch v1.02).

Soporific: One inside the safe in Lieutenant Johnson's office, and another on top of the safe in Captain Harris' office.
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