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Beta elements
03-29-2014, 03:16 PM
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Beta elements
Every game has some beta elements left in their data, and Death to Spies is no exception. I'll share with you what I have found in the game's files on this post. I reimplemented some of these in my MoTmod Addon.

Early German soldiers and officers

In pre-release screenshots for DtS (some of which can be seen on HG's website) German soldiers and officers were completely different in appearance compared to those seen in the final game. Strogov can even be seen wearing these early uniforms. However, the model for Strogov wearing the uniforms was changed to match the final designs. The headgear and equipment meshes of these early models, however, are used for their winter counterparts.

There is also an unused texture named "" that is completely different in map layout compared to the other two. No model associated with this texture exists.

Epaulettes can be seen in the winter soldier's body textures, but they can't be seen in-game as they haven't been mapped to the model's shoulders.

Despite these early textures not being used in the final game, they were not immune from the censorship changes for the international release.

Early Hotel NPCs

In an early trailer for DtS (which is up on HG's website) and at least one early screenshot (see attachment), the security guards and some civilians in Hotel are completely different in appearance compared to those seen in the final game. The textures for the early guards can still be found in the game's files. Interestingly, the hat mesh isn't a separate texture file. However, all of the models associated with these textures were redesigned. I made new skins a while ago for my MoTmod Addon based on how they would look in-game.

Also seen in the trailer are early models of what would later become "NMadam_1", and a possibly early model of what would later become "HotelMan01" (sitting on the bar stool). The early woman's model still exists in the game's files, and is now used in both AHO's DtS Enhancement Addon and my MoTmod Addon.

Madam_2 was originally planned to be in Hotel (because she is in the "Hotel" folder in "Players"), but in the final game, she is instead a civilian in Embassy. She also has an unused hat mesh.

There are two last pieces of cut content trivia for Hotel. The first is that in the trailer, two waiters can be seen in the hotel's generator room. In the final game, however, a single civilian wanders in and out of the room. The second is that the British soldiers in Embassy were originally Hotel guards, as seen in the attachment. The soldiers, however, are still referred to as "HotelGuard" in Embassy's SWD file.

Early Sdkfz251

An early Sdkfz251 model exists in the game's files. I had a look at it in-game (testing it by replacing Sdkfz251_1.smf with Sdkfz251.smf in Paycheck's SWD file) and there doesn't seem to be any collision detection attached to it. A destroyed version of this model, however, can be seen in Winter Cold.

Early Strogov outfit

There's an unused model of Strogov called "SemenRussian" and the uniform texture is called "". I intend to use this model for Training in a future release of my MoTmod Addon, but right now it's impossible because the model's skeleton has yet to be adapted for MoT use.

Post here if you think there are some more leftover components left in the data that I haven't covered.

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