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Nozzle temp, or bed temp... but not both
04-06-2018, 10:57 AM
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Nozzle temp, or bed temp... but not both

I'm using S3D with my new Snapmaker. For the most part, it does a fanstastic job. I've bumped into a few issues that I'll probably iron-out as we get more familiar... BUT.There is a real problem with S3D. Normally, I print by putting my gcode on a USB stick. I need to do this, because the computer is no where near the 3D printer. For whatever reason, the FFF I received from S3D support does not have a temperature controller configured for the build plate (bed). Because of that, I'm having some difficulty with adhesion. So, I copied the settings from my snapmaker software, which tells me that for PLA, the bed should be at 55 degrees for the first layer, and 50 degrees thereafter. I added this to the configuration under "T1" ("T0" being the nozzle).

Please help.

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