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Template: Bunker
10-18-2021, 05:25 AM
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RE: Template: Bunker
(10-17-2021 11:43 PM)Samz707 Wrote:  Weird that the Guards originally carried PMs and AKs, (A minor Gripe I do have with Alekhine's Gun is that the Guards almost always carry Colts/Thompsons, instead of say, non-combat personal carrying PPKs.) I guess the PM (Assuming the level was still a US Military Base) was to stand-in for the Colt and the AK was to presumably stand-in for the M16. (Which never got added so the Guards only use Thompsons, which actually means they're worse in Combat after SnakeBorn since the Thompson has less range and maybe damage than the STG44)

I do wonder if Strogov was always intended to start in the Armory, it's certainly an weird spot (Though I'm not too familiar with the original plot so maybe it made more sense there.) unless he was intended to start with a basic disguise.

Presumably Strogov would have started in his default suit, so his AI Form would have started as "Civilian". Also, at the time the DtS3 Demo was released (this build is from the Kickstarter campaign), the Thompson wasn't properly implemented yet - its entry in the DtS3 Demo version of Weapons.shadvs is a straight up copypaste of the Thompson M1928 from MoT, and its HUD sprite hadn't been created yet. And the location was always intended to be a US military base, as the mission's name is taken from the James Bond film.
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